Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Ten Best Films of 2016: #10

Of the handful of three-star movies I could visualize in this spot, I'm giving it to the black-and-white, mumblecore two-hander "Blue Jay," a Netflix original in which Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass give a master class in acting. It's like a great short story that builds to a shattering climax.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Julieta, I, Daniel Blake, Passengers, Patriots Day, A Monster Calls, Live by Night, Toni Erdmann, Why Him?, Hidden Figures, Paterson, 20th Century Women


I, Daniel Blake


Patriots Day

A Monster Calls

Live by Night

Toni Erdmann

Why Him?

Hidden Figures


20th Century Women

I judge the December releases a bit more strictly. Put a film out now, you’re telling the world you think it’s award material. Accordingly, close calls tend to get rounded down to the next lower star rating rather than rounded up to the next higher. Quick capsules on eleven Christmas offerings, none of which came close to penetrating my best list.