Saturday, September 15, 2012

Somewhere Between

The deeply touching documentary “Somewhere Between” introduces us to four exceptional young women, Ann, Fang, Haley, and Jenna, each of whom was born in China and adopted by an American family. For the most part, their lives here mirror the experiences of other teenagers, but they must also confront particular issues of culture and identity, of abandonment and belonging. For some, this means working against astronomical odds to find their birth parents; for others, it takes the form of a perfectionism meant to compensate for the “1% failing” they have always felt for being born girls in a society that (especially under the one-child policy) prioritizes sons. To call these ladies articulate is to do them a disservice; they’re absolutely brilliant, with insights beyond the grasp of most adults. Heartbreaking in parts, full of hope and joy in others, and leavened by the humor and warmth of its subjects, “Somewhere Between” provides nourishment for the soul.

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