Sunday, December 1, 2013


“Frozen” falls squarely (so to speak) within the classic mold of Disney animation, though it’s several rungs short of the studio’s early-1990s run that reached its zenith with the eye-popping visual imagination and nonstop inventiveness of “Aladdin,” and well below the 21st-century benchmark set by “Tangled” a few years ago. (Of course, Pixar’s “Up” and “Wall-E” occupy another level entirely.)

Its songs are a mix of winning (“Love is an Open Door” wouldn’t sound out of place on the “Hairspray” cast album) and forgettable (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”). Its key assets are the beautiful things it does with snow and ice, and one character in particular: the genial Olaf the Snowman, who dreams of all the fun he’ll have in summer. Nobody has the heart to explain the M-word to him, so they give him a permanent little snow flurry just over his head.

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