Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Let's Be Cops

There's no reason "Let's Be Cops" should be swimming face down at the depths (12% fresh) of the Rotten Tomatoes pool. It's not great, but it's got a fair share of big laughs.

Jake M. Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. star as best friends Ryan, an unemployed ex-jock, and Justin, a video game designer forced to take notes at company meetings rather than pitch his own concepts. When they wear cop uniforms from one of Justin's games to a costume party, people step out of their way, obey their orders. Girls look them up and down appraisingly (admittedly, Johnson looks pretty slurp-a-licious in his, if you're into that sort of thing). They decide to do it more often, searching cars, threatening the mobsters who've been blackmailing the owners of the diner where Justin's crush Josie (Nina Dobrev) waitresses. Of course, they get in way too deep, and the generic action plot is the worst thing about "Let's Be Cops." Best is Johnson, superb in "Safety Not Guaranteed" and Joe Swanberg's "Drinking Buddies"; though he's capable of better than cop buddy flicks, he shows comic chops here. The script (by director Luke Greenfield and two others) forces Justin to act as the naysaying killjoy far too long, but when he finally lets loose, under the influence of crystal meth, Wayans shines. Rob Riggle also makes an impression in a supporting role as a real cop who slowly figures out the truth.

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