Sunday, January 2, 2011

The #1 Film of 2010

Among some of my friends, the question was not whether you had seen "The Secret in Their Eyes," but how many times. No other film of 2010 comes close to matching the emotional and thematic richness of the Oscar-winning Argentine import, a melancholy, bittersweet reminiscence by a retired prosecutor of the unsolved murder that still haunts him.
With the help of achingly beautiful performances by a cast so perfect I couldn't imagine anyone else in any role, director Juan Jose Campanella draws no fewer than five unforgettable portraits of heartbreak, and builds to a shattering conclusion that raises profound, fundamental questions about the nature of man.
Though triste, the movie is leavened by many moments of riotous humor grounded in the truth of its characters. 
Simply put, "The Secret in Their Eyes" is the most richly rewarding movie experience of 2010.
I can't wait to see it many more times.

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