Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Oscars: Dead on Arrival

If he hasn't already, James Franco is wearing out his welcome with great celerity.
With a squint, a smirk, and a stoner's stupor, he looked like he'd rather have been anywhere else - and probably was.

Yes, I'd still love to spend an hour with him in (or, rather, out of) his white ballet outfit, but he did look about seven years older, with the sun-tight skin of a Palm Springs matron - and does anyone really care about "General Hospital" or his Ph.D. classes?

As for the game and sweet Anne Hathaway, whose fawning introductions made Mary Sunshine sound like John Simon, I found a dance-marathon desperation to her rah-rah boosterism. Saying something is going great doesn't make it so.

It's really very simple. Hire Steve Martin every year. Alone.

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