Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Haunted House, I Am Not a Hipster

A Haunter House
I Am Not a Hipster

There are a few scattered laughs in Marlon Wayans' "Paranormal Activity" spoof "A Haunted House," along with buckets of unfunny scatological humor and several good comic ideas (a white neighbor couple into swinging) overplayed into oblivion.

Nick Swardson - so good in "30 Minutes or Less" -- comes off best as Chip, a gay psychic ("Something just happened, but I can't put my finger in you…in it…on it").

"I Am Not a Hipster"? Uh, yes, you are. A wisp-thin portrait of Brook (Dominic Bogart), a young rocker with cred in the San Diego underground scene (who knew?), "Hipster" wants Brook to be both a coolly tortured, antisocial artiste and a sweetie with cuddly friends and adoring sisters. If nothing else, it could have given us a look at a city rarely explored in film. Maybe it's just not possible, even via the magic of cinema, to make San Diego interesting.

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