Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bullet to the Head

Following quickly on the heels of Ahnold’s “The Last Stand,” Sly returns as hitman Jimmy Bobo in “Bullet to the Head,” a workmanlike but generic and unexciting policier involving corrupt Crescent City real estate developers buying up public projects and bulldozing them to make way for condominiums.
Sung Kang from the “Fast and Furious” features turns in a poor performance as the pissy New York cop who follows Jimmy around so Sly can snipe at his hip, smartphone-based style of detective work. As limited as Stallone is, I’ve enjoyed some of his winkier work: “Tango and Cash” with Kurt Russell, say, or the outright camp of “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.” He gets in a couple of good, un-P.C. lines here, but the storyline is so straightforward, and the violence so cartoonish (bad guys recover from point-blank gunshots in this picture like you and I recover from paper cuts), the movie’s never more than a time-passer. There is, however, a Christian Slater sighting, which about 23 years ago (the era of “Heathers” and “Gleaming the Cube”) would have been enough for me.

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