Thursday, March 7, 2013

21 and Over

The less said, the better about "21 and Over," a puerile and woman-hating exercise in idiocy that contains exactly one un-P.C. chuckle.

I actually liked the young lead, Miles Teller, in his debut role in 2010's underseen "Rabbit Hole" - he had some effective dramatic moments opposite Nicole Kidman - but he's a mismatch for these alcohol-fueled frat-boy antics (complete with slo-mo projectile vomiting). This is a movie in which women are either brain-dead sex objects who fall for the drunk patter of guys going nowhere, or castrating bitches who exact vengeance by branding guys' asses in goat-masked secret societies - and I say vengeance because what our "heroes" do to two sorority sisters in a scene played for laughs is little short of sexual assault. Hilarious, right? At times I almost pined for the mordant wit of "Movie 43."

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