Saturday, March 23, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

90 minutes of eye-rolling and more "Come on"s than a Lleyton Hewitt match give way to 30 minutes of out-loud laughter in the mildly amusing but dark, claustrophobic, overlong and totally preposterous "Olympus Has Fallen," with Gerard Butler as the anguished Secret Service agent who singlehandedly thwarts the efforts of an army of North Korean terrorists to detonate the entire ensiled U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Nothing that happens at the White House in this movie corresponds with what's going on in the rest of D.C. The motivations of a turncoat Secret Service agent are truly risible - he's given a one-sentence speech about "globalization." But for sheer hilarity, nothing tops the clandestine phone call between Butler and his girlfriend. The President sits in bondage in the White House's underground bunker as he asks her, "How's your day going?"

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