Monday, June 10, 2013

The Internship

Google carefully saw to its portrayal in the new Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson comedy "The Internship," but what the hell happened to quality control? The company will be lucky indeed if this painfully unfunny picture does only as little lasting damage to its brand as "Leonard Part 6" did to Coca-Cola. The premise is preposterous, the execution worse. The humor - such as it is - consists of juxtapositions of Vaughn's and Wilson's Luddite cluelessness ("online" becomes "on the line") against the technobabble of their younger colleagues and competitors (the movie's approach to smart young people is anthropological - actually, zoological). Basically, it's two hours of "those wacky kids today" in a sports-movie structure with cartoonish villains and a go-nowhere love interest on the side. The late Gene Siskel used to ask, "Would you rather watch this movie or a movie of the actors having lunch?" Here, I'd much rather watch Vaughn and Wilson just riffing than anything onscreen (or riffing about what's onscreen). Oh, did you miss the part where I said two hours? Time stopped.

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